Leaky roof caused by failed pipe boot

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Failed pipe boot causeing roof leak. Roof inspection showed where leak came into the house. Roof needed replaced.

What is a pipe boot and why should I care?

Pipe boots, aka soil boot, or plumbing boots, are designed to seal up a round pipe that extrudes through a hole in your roof. Without the pipe boot rain would enter your home. Almost all pipe boots are made out of rubber which dry rots and cracks over time. Once this happens it is only a matter of time before the rain comes in. We see these begin to fail after only about ten years.

Pipe boots are a simple and low cost roof repair. Many roofing companies don’t want to do this repair because it doesn’t generate enough revenue, or they will simply overcharge to make it worth their bother.

Once your roof reaches the ripe old age of ten, you should have a roof inspection. Hibco Roof performs these inspections for free. Failed pipe boots are one the the main items we’re looking for. It is far less costly to replace an aged pipe boot than it is to replace it after it has failed. The interior damage to your home is often far more expensive, several times over, than the cost of a replacement boot.

If your roof is over ten years old, contact us for a free inspection. 614-810-0050