Do I need new Skylights

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The answer might shock you. Not always.

If your skylight(s) are leaking, then probably, but not always. New flashing kits are generally not available for older skylights. Repairing bad flashing often means the roof shingles, underlayment and, if there is any, flashing tape needs to be removed. This is a major ordeal.

Older skylights, more often than not, aren’t energy efficient. Newer skylights can have UV coatings to minimize the radiation from the sun. Anyone with a southern facing skylight knows just how warm rooms can get with an older skylight. Discoloration is also a major reason why many replace their skylights. The older plastic bubbles tend to yellow and chalk. Double pane skylights can have failed seals allowing mold to grow between the glass.

At the end of the day whether or not to replace your skylights is up to you. The only time you must do something is when they are leaking. This raises another point. When replacing roofs we often find water damage around skylights where the homeowner wasn’t even aware their skylight was even leaking. New technology in roofing, as well as in skylights, have developed far better materials to ensure your skylights remain energy efficient and water tight.

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